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 Mandarin Time-The brand you can trust! 

 2021 Christmas Camp
(Dec 20,2021 - Jan 7, 2022)


Age Range: 5-19 Years

Camp Duration: 3 Weeks

(Students can sign up 1-3 weeks)

Joining Date:

Beginners join on Dec 20, non-beginners can join ANY Monday after the placement test.

Class Venue: Central, Hong Kong


Why Mandarin Time?

100% Mandarin Speaking Environment

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  • Kids learn Mandarin the best when they are immersed in a native mandarin speaking environment with well-guided teachers, fun lessons, and interactive activities

  • Both Morning Camp and Afternoon Camp are available

Comprehensive Curriculum For 3 Age Groups

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  • 4 Mandarin levels available for kids aged 5-9    

  • 8 Mandarin levels for teens aged 10-15

  • 14 Mandarin levels for teens aged 16-19

Excellent, Qualified,Well-trained Teachers

  • The largest Mandarin full-time teaching Team in HK Mandarin training industry

  • 100% degree holders from TCFL& Education majors, all have 5000+hours’ teaching experiences

Strict Covid - Precautionary Measures 

  • Special measures such as hand-washing&disinfection, temperature checking, mask wearing are mandatory

  • 2000 sqf spacious campus guarantees adequate sitting distance between students

Sample Schedule

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Camp Dates

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Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 12.02.42 AM.pn
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Mandarin Levels for Kids & Teens

Kids (5-9 years old)

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TEENS (10-15 years old)

Mandarin Time School Mandarin Time Level for Kids and Teens

TEENS (16-19 years old)

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* Tuition includes registration, language lessons, class learning materials and handouts, no hidden fees.

* Students can stay up to 1pm if they would like to eat their packed lunch in school, they can be accompanied by a guardian at lunch time or be accompanied by Mandarin Time staff, this is a free service for Christmas camp students only.


crash course package

* Parents can buy the Crash course package anytime between Nov.1 to Dec 31, 2021. 

What our parents say


Mandarin Times summer camps provided my children a much more practical and enjoyable way of learning mandarin. Lydia and her native language team developed a thoughtful program to encourage children to use mandarin in their everyday life.  My children loved the summer camp as it helped them realize there are different ways to learn a second language, it doesn’t have to be through just sitting in a classroom. I would highly recommend all levels of mandarin learners to sign up this summer!”

— Mrs Leung,

a mother of 3 children who have been learning mandarin since they were 18 months old!