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Mandarin Time works with current and former International School teachers ONLY when it comes to IGCSE Chinese tutoring, we make sure to get your children results!

Our IGCSE Chinese tutors work with you on studying and reviewing past papers, starting from sorted topics.


We encourage you to read different types of articles to foster your understanding of the text’s content and author's opinions.


In terms of writing, we will help you accumulate materials of relevant topics, examine sample essays, do writing exercises and polish articles. This will effectively help you enhance different areas in writing, including speculation, description and narration.

 IGCSE Exam Information In Hong Kong

Frequently asked questions

2,What are the different exam boards, and do they matter?

There are two main boards that offer the IGCSE: Cambridge Assessment International Education and Edexcel. It is upon individual schools to choose which exam board they wish to offer the IGCSE through. While the content of the IGCSE changes very little between the exam boards, the format of the exam might. However, universities do not place any weight on which exam board was used. Achieving a high grade in either exam will be well-regarded by universities.

3,Does the IGCSE lay good foundations for the IB Diploma Programme (DP)?

Yes, the IGCSE is excellent preparation for further international study. Both for the IB Diploma Programme, as well as entry to international universities. In fact, some teachers observe that students who have done the IGCSE tend to have solid understanding of foundational concepts to build on in the IBDP. It is also considered an advantage of the IGCSE that assessment is held under exam conditions. By contrast, the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) does not include exams. Therefore, for MYP students the IB Diploma may be their very first experience of an external exam. Some students thrive in this situation others need to practice. So, in terms of content knowledge, the IGCSE lays excellent foundations for the IB Diploma. IGCSE students will also have had the experience with exam conditions.

1,What is the IGCSE?

The IGCSE is based on the British curriculum (GCSE) but adapted for a more internationally-focused student body. Assessments are done mainly by examination through the exam board of the school’s choice. The most well-known are Cambridge Assessment International Education and Edexcel. The Cambridge exam board offers over 70 subjects, including 30 languages. The aim is to be as inclusive as possible to students from a wide variety of linguistic backgrounds. This allows them to continue studying their mother tongue.

4,How do I sign up for IGCSE Chinese in Hong Kong?

Candidates are required to submit their registration online (online.hkeaa.edu.hk) during the registration period. They should first obtain the school code through their school heads. They should upload the image of their valid Hong Kong Identity Cards or other identification documents* and settle the payment online.

5,Which book I shall get for my child's IGCSE Chinese exam preparation?

It depends on which phase your child is at the exam preparation, we will recommend the suitable textbook/ test paper/ other supporting learning materials after we find out your child' current mandarin level through a placement test and more info of his/her planned exam such as dates and level.

6,How many lessons would my child need for IGCSE test preparation?

Your course consultant will further suggest you on this after we do a placement test with your child and get to know more about your goal.

7,How do I know if your teacher can help my child get good results in IGCSE Chinese preparation?

Firstly, we offer free trials for each family before any course starts so both the child and the parents know if this is the right teacher for you; Secondly, all our teachers who teach IGCSE/IB/A-Level Chinese are current or previous International School Chinese teachers who are expert in these exams' prepration; Third, Mandarin Time has a professional E-feedback system that helps you moniter what your child learnt in each class, what is his/her task after each class, regular learning progress and class feedback from both Mandarin Time teacher. Our experienced teachers usually reach out directly to the school Chinese teacher(upon parents' approval) to best understand their learning syllabus, homework, exam related to best support each child in their mandarin study, it will be a worry-free expereince for every parent.

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