China Immersion Camps

Family Camp in Sanya

Kids Camp in Hong Kong

Teenager Camp in Taipei

Adults Camp in       Qingdao

Four Cities, Four Journeys


10.15-10.19, 2018

12.24-12.28, 2018

Hong Kong, as Asia's World City, is one of the 3 world financial hubs, Asia’s top tourist travel destination, trading port, entrance gate to mainland China, shopping paradise, and an absolute gorgeous city rich in culture, safe and convenient!

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Oct camp by 2018/9/23
Christmas Camp by 2018/11/20

HKD 2000+


10.14-10.19, 2018

12.23-12.28, 2018

The Hawaii of China, laying at the beautiful tropical island of Hainan, Visa free for most nationalities, Sanya is a great beach resort holiday destination especially for families with kids.

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Oct camp by 2018/9/23
Christmas Camp by 2018/11/20

HKD 14180+


10.14-10.19, 2018


Taipei is the political, economic, educational, and cultural center of Taiwan.

Join us to explore Taiwan's more chilled out life style, historical sightseeings, and buzzing night markets.

Taiwan is a popular destination for Teens' summer and holiday camps!

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Oct camp by 2018/9/23
Easter Camp by 2019/2/28

HKD 12800+



8.26-8.30, 2019

Great Mandarin speaking environment city for adult students’ summer vacation, lying on the north coast of China with Oktoberfest, endless beaches, ex-German colonial architecture..Qingdao has so much to offer!


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July Camp by 2019/6/1
August Camp by 2019/8

HKD 11350+

Why Us?

1. Multiple Camp Destination

2. Camp Covering all Ages

3. Not Just Language Lessons

4. Small Group Size

We offer holiday Camps in 4 cities, including Hong Kong, Sanya, Qingdao, and Taipei for 2018&2019.

Every 2 years we change another 4 cities.

Sanya Family Camp is for families with kids 3-15yr old

Taipei Teenager Camp is teens for 13-19yr old

Qing Dao Adult Camp for 16+ yr old adults

Hong Kong Kids Camp is for 5-19yr old

On top of the immersive mandarin classes, we add in optional sport sessions every morning before breakfast, afternoon family trips, and even evening free babysitting service, we endeavour to provide our campers a truly rewarding holiday!

3-6 students each language group, we put kids in groups of their Mandarin level and age, it is 100% Mandarin Speaking during the morning sessions.


 Sanya Family Camp

We provide Family Camp in Sanya for families with young kids aged between 3-15, while kids studying with a group of students of similar age and mandarin level in hotel "kids' meeting room", parents can relax at the pool or beach or use the chance to sign up optional sport session/Yoga class/Mandarin lessons with us, the teacher/student ratio for the camp is 1:4, and there is a 24/7 camp supervisor on site to make sure “Safety first and Safety always”. 

Parents can both join, or just a mom/dad/grandma with kiddo’s trip.

One-day Sample Schedule



Morning Exercise&Breakfast Buffet


Mandarin Camp for kids


Yoga/ Mandarin Class for Parents

Afternoon & Night


Shared Lunch with everyone or with your families


Organised afternoon family trips


Free Babysitting service for our members

Camp Fees

Family Types
Family Price
5 Nights’ Hotel
Camp Fee
Round Trip Flights
Airport Pick Up
Yoga/ Mandarin Class for Parents









Optional Service

1 Parent & 1 Kid                 14180 hkd                     7200 hkd                          6980 hkd                    2000+ hkd/ person                 200 hkd

2 Parents & 1 Kid               17866 hkd                      9700 hkd                          8166 hkd                    2000+ hkd/ people                 400 hkd

2 Parents & 2 Kids             27833  hkd                    11500 hkd                        16333hkd                    2000+ hkd/ people                 450 hkd

1 Parent & 2 Kids                22264 hkd                     9700 hkd                        12564 hkd                    2000+ hkd/people                 300 hkd

20 Lesson package

260 hkd/lesson

10 Lesson package

290 hkd/lesson

Group Class

120 hkd/lesson

*For Christmas Camp, all fees above will add a 15% high season charge.

What is included?

a. Accommodation in 5 Star hotel:

1 parent & 1 kids room type: Standard twin beds/one King size bed

1 Parent & 2 kids room type: Standard room+1 single bed

2 Parents& 1 kid room type:  Standard room+1 single bed

2 parents& 2 kids room type: Family room for 4

b. 5 Mornings' Chinese Classes for Kids

c. 5 Mornings' Hotel Buffet for all family members

d. 4 Guided tours in the afternoons for Parents and Kids

e. Welcome dinner, Graduation Party, Goodbye Lunch

    Christmas Camp has one more Christmas Eve Dinner included .

f.  4 trips' transportation with the group 

g.  Snacks in the morning camp for kids

h.  Entrance tickets for 4 afternoon tours, for all family members

i.   Program monitor at your service 24/7 if translation/help is needed

j.  5 nights' Free babysitting service in Hotel playroom from 7:30-9:30pm 

k.Free gym access in the hotel

Oct Camp Check-in date: 2018/10/14

                  Check-out date: 2018/10/19

Christmas Camp Check-in Date: 2018/12/23

                             Check-out date: 2018/12/28

What is not included?

1. Air tickets:

As our campers come from all around the world, so we don't include air tickets in the camp fees.


Each family should book their own tickets arriving no later than the camp starting date, and leave not earlier than the camp finishing date.

The earlier you book your tickets, the prices are generally better. From our experiences if you book earlier enough, round trip tickets from Hong Kong to Sanya can be as low as 1500 hkd per person.

We recommend you to book the camp with us before you book your air tickets to make sure we have a seat available for you and your families.

2. Your families' travel insurances to China.

3. China Visa, if you don't have a China visa, we can provide visa for Sanya service at 900hkd/each visa application.

4. Lunch and Dinner will be on your own.(Except the welcome dinner and goodbye lunch.) We organise shared lunch/dinner everyday, you are always welcomed to join with your families, meal bill will be shared by everyone, drinks' bill will be separate.

5. Yoga/Mandarin lessons for parents are optional, please book them latest 2 weeks before the camp start date.

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Got a question? Give us a call anytime!


 Taipei Teenager Camp

We provide Teenager Camp for students aged between 13 to 19yr in Taipei, they will study in an intensive group in the mornings, and join city tours and fun activities in the afternoons, the trips and transportation is cooperated with renowned Taiwan local travel agencies and local language school, we hold this camp every Easter and Half-term holiday.

One-day Sample Schedule