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Programs for Kids & Teens

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· Easter / Christmas camp

· Summer / winter camp

· Full day / half day camp

· Learning by playing


· Homework tutoring

· listening, speaking,

  reading and writing.   

  4 fundamental skills

· Flexible Schedule & location

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· 3-6 kids per group

· 1.5 hours per week

· 2 semesters to finish 1 level

· Weekend afternoon & Sat.


· For year 2-6

· Fully immersive Mandarin

  speaking environment

· 3 hours / session


Mandarin Times summer camps provided my children a much more practical and enjoyable way of learning mandarin. Lydia and her native language team developed a thoughtful program to encourage children to use mandarin in their everyday life.  My children loved the summer camp as it helped them realize there are different ways to learn a second language, it doesn’t have to be through just sitting in a classroom. I would highly recommend all levels of mandarin learners to sign up this summer!”

— Mrs Leung,

a mother of 3 children who have been learning mandarin since they were 18 months old!


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