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Kids&Teens Programs

Mandarin Time offers Private Class, Group Class, Mandarin Holiday Camps for kids and keens aged between 5-15 Years old.

We offer 8 Mandarin Levels for kids & teens following 《Easy Steps To Chinese》series developed by Beijing Language and Culture University Press, which is the most commonly used textbook in International schools in HK, China and internationally.

We will arrange a free placement test for every non-beginner student before they join any course.

Give us a call anytime between 10am to 6pm Mon-Sat 

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Apr 3-Apr 13 (Join 1-2 weeks)

2475 hkd/week

3 days/week

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June 26-Aug 24 (Join 1-9 weeks)

3300 hkd/week(4days/week)

5% off early bird offer by June 1

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2023 Autumn Camp

Oct 16-Oct 26(Join 1-2 weeks)

3300 hkd/week

5% off early bird offer by Oct 1

Mandarin Time Level Description(Kids&Teens)

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