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  1. 時代中文是香港對外漢語行業擁有最多全職中文教師的學校,我們的老師100%擁有中文教學或相關碩士及以上學歷;

  2. 其中法律漢語團隊的老師都是大學選修過法律或者有超過500小時法律漢語學習和教學時間的老師;

  3. 我們有專門的法律漢語教師團隊做法律漢語視頻課及教材研發,因為香港很多律師的母語為粵語,我們的老師也都是受過教學香港人正音課程嚴格培訓考核過關的老師。




  • 香港(中英文對照)法律詞彙列表                    

  • 母語為粵語學生普通話常錯詞彙

  • 香港電子法例大全

  • 香港民事法律案件案例

  • 香港公司收購

  • 離婚房產相關案例

  • 香港打官司訴訟費用/程序介紹篇

  • 香港公司法相關

  • 內地與香港法律術語差異 



  • 正音課(用法律相關詞彙做練習)

  • 案例分析

  • 一對一實景模擬演練

  • 聽說練習課

  Mandarin For Lawyers


Course Feature:


Mandarin Time School is the most chosen Mandarin (Putonghua) school for Hong Kong lawyers and Law firms, about 70% of our students are referral students, and most of our courses are conducted in the form of Private 1 on 1 and tailor-made groups for law firms.

Qualified Teaching Team:

  1. Mandarin Time School has the biggest full-time teaching team in HK Mandarin schools,100% of our teachers hold Master or Doctor degrees in TCFL or related majors;

  2. The carefully-selected team for Mandarin For Lawyers(MFL) are made up of teachers who studied Law in University or have 500+hours in teaching MFL.

  3. Aside of teaching, Our MFL team are also developing Video Mandarin lessons for Lawyers and update-to-date case studies& textbooks in Mandarin for HK lawyers, many teachers in MFL team are trilingual (Mandarin&English&Cantonese) or have passed our strictest training and evaluation of Mandarin Pronunciation class to make sure we help HK lawyers the best!

We provide complete set of learning resources for lawyer students:

  • Chinese English Law Glossary

  • Frequently mistaken Mandarin vocabularies for Cantonese speaking students

  • Hong Kong E-Legislation resource

  • Hong Kong Civil Law cases

  • Hong Kong Company Mergers& Acquisition

  • Divorce Law Suit& Real Estate cases

  • Cost, Procedure for Lawsuit in HK

  • Company Law in HK

  • Different Law terms for HK and China

  • Etc.

Teaching Methods:


  • Mandarin Pronunciation Class (Use law vocabularies for practice)

  • Case Study and Practice

  • One on one Role play

  • Listening and speaking Practice

  學費/ Tuition

                    Package                                                   Tuition


               20 Lessons Package                                           550 hkd / lesson

               40 Lessons Package                                           500 hkd / lesson

               80 Lessons Package                                           450 hkd / lesson



*Each lesson is 45mins, each package is valid for 6 months.


Mandarin Time School specializes in teaching Adults, Kids and Companies Mandarin in HK. 

On top of Regular Mandarin courses listed here, we are also proud to offer:

Mandarin Time Member Club

The world's largest Mandarin Online learning platform, providing 700+Video lessons to its Member Students

Mandarin Time Bookstore

We are the only Online Mandarin Bookstore in HK who offer over 1,000 Readers & Textbooks for all Mandarin levels, all ages and all purposes of Mandarin study.

We are the Mandarin Specialist in Hong Kong!




Mandarin Time School


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