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Mandarin Playgroup in Discovery Bay

Pinwheel Kids

1.5-3 y/o Group a.m. Sessions

Tue& Thurs

9:45 -11:00       Mandarin Time

         11:00-12:00       Free Play in Epicland

1.5-3 y/o Group p.m. Sessions


         15:00-16:00       Free Play in Epicland

16:00 -17:15      Mandarin Time


Kids in Preschool

3-4 y/o Group p.m. Session

 Tue& Thurs

         15:00-16:00       Free Play in Epicland

16:00 -17:15      Mandarin Time

What activities will we do?

15mins-Warm Up


We ususally start with games, some streching, laughing, often also singing and reviewing what we learnt last class with hints and encouragements.

30mins-Fun Mandarin Class


We do topic-based study for toddlers, lots of fun games/learning kits will be used every class to keep the little ones focused and entertained.:)

30mins-Practice&Game Time


After a short break and some quick snacks, singing, dancing, games, topic-based handcrafts, performing and many more fun games to be followed to help our toddlers to speak Mandarin confidently and naturally.

60mins-Free Playtime@Epicland


60 mins' free play time in Epicland indoor playground, Guardian shall be watching their toddler all the time during the playtime. These 60 mins is not class time.

1.5-3 y/o Playgroups(135mins/session)
308 hkd/session, 308 hkd/trial class
3-4 y/o Playgroups(135mins/session)
308hkd/session, 308 hkd/trial class