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2024 HSK Test Dates, Centers In Hong Kong & How To Sign Up HSK in Hong Kong

1, Where can I sign up HSK in Hong Kong?

According to the Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd.(Hanban)

Hong Kong has 3 official HSK test centers in Hong Kong in 2024, they are:

HKBU (Hong Kong Baptist University) , 13mins to walk from Kowloon Tong MTR station

HKCU (Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong), 5mins to walk from University MTR station

HKU SPACE (HKU School Of Professional and Continuing Education), 2mins to walk from North Point MTR station

2, What are the test dates for 2024 in Hong Kong?

So far(By Jan 11,2024) only confirmed dates in Hong Kong are Apr 21 and May 19th.

3, Registration Deadline For HSK test in Hong Kong

Enrollment usually starts 3 months in advance, and finishes 1 month before the exam date, pls consult with us case by case.

4, Enrollment method

You can enroll either directly on or through us by choosing a HSK Test Package here and we will register for you directly, we are authorized by official test centres in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Gua ngZhou to take enrollment and provide HSK certificate service for them directly.

In Hong Kong it's paper-based tests only, if you want to take computer tests or online tests across the boarder in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, please contact Mandarin Time staff, give a call or chat with us online directly for information .

Please be noted that HKU SPACE takes in-person registration only, you won't find them on Hanban's online registration site:

5, What's new in 2024 for HSK?

Same for 2023, all exam takers of HSK levels 3 to 6 are required to take the corresponding HSKK exams on the same exam date.

The specific arrangements are as follows:

Examinees for HSK level 3 must also take the HSKK Primary Level oral test;

Examinees for HSK level 4 must also take the HSKK Intermediate Level oral test;

Examinees for HSK level 5 and level 6 must also take the HSKK Advanced Level oral test.

Results for both the written and oral exams will be reported together.

6, Should I take the HSK test in Hong Kong or China?

Hong Kong is convenient, you don't need to cross the boarder, but there's NO computer based tests or online tests as of now available in Hong Kong, if you want to learn how to read but not how to write the required amount of Chinese characters, Shenzhen or Guangzhou would be a great option too.

Great news is that Mandarin Time is authorized by the official test centers in not only Hong Kong, but also Shenzhen and Guangzhou's HSK official test centers to provide HSK registration and certificate services, and our partner centers in China offers HSK tests every month, for all levels, both HSK and HSKK tests, and all formats are computer tests, the way we prepare you for these 2 types of tests is also different, check out our HSK exam package page for more details.

6, What are the registration fees for HSK tests in Hong Kong?

Examination Fee:

HSK Level 1: HK$200

HSK Level 2: HK$300

HSK Level 3: HK$400

HSK Level 4: HK$500

HSK Level 5: HK$700

HSK Level 6: HK$800

HSKK (Primary): HK$300

HSKK (Intermediate): HK$400

HSKK (Advanced): HK$500

So from 2023 on, HSK test fees in Hong Kong are:

When you sign up for HSK 3, you will need to sign up HSKK (Primary) together, total cost: 700 hkd

When you sign up for HSK 4, you will need to sign up HSKK (Intermediate) together, total cost: 900 hkd

When you sign up for HSK 5, you will need to sign up HSKK (Advanced) together, total cost: 1,200 hkd

When you sign up for HSK 6, you will need to sign up HSKK (Advanced) together, total cost: 1,300 hkd

7, When will you get your results?

1 month you will see your test result online, and you will receive your official paper certificate after 2 months.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q:What are the test levels and what is tested in HSK? A:The levels of HSK correspond to the levels of the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages (CLPS) and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) as follows:

HSK Level description

HSK and HSKK Structure

2. Q: Can I register to take more than one HSK level at a time? A: Normally, HSK levels 2/4/6 are held in the morning (from 9am), HSK levels 1/3/5 are held in the afternoon (from 1:30pm), and HSK speaking (all levels) are held at 4:30pm. Student can register for a maximum of two consecutive levels from HSK levels 1 to 6. However, students can only register for one level in speaking since all speaking exams are held at the same time.

3. Q: I am a mainlander/HK local. Can I register for the HSK exam? A: The HSK is targeted at students learning Standard Chinese (Putonghua) as a foreign/ second language regardless of nationality. For native speakers of Chinese (born and raised in Mainland China), schools and employers may have a higher expectation for your Chinese level. In that case, instead of the HSK, the Putongtua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC) is more appropriate. If you are interested, you can register for the PSC test at our Putonghua Training and Testing Centre (usually held in May and August), for details pls consult Mandarin Time staff.

4. Q: I am on the Level 3 Mandarin Time course. I haven’t attended any HSK exams before. Can I register for an HSK Level 3 exam, or do I have to start from Level 1? A: You can start with whichever level of test that would suit you. There are plenty of past and mock exam papers available on Mandarin Time's website where you can take HSK online with audios. We would advise you to do a few sets of papers before deciding on the appropriate level of test you should be taking. Mandarin Time also offers HSK exam package where you can assessment, consultation, mock test, HSK test registration and certificate service all in one, click this page for details.

5. Q: Do you provide the exam in traditional Chinese characters? Can I answer in traditional Chinese in the writing part? A: HSK tests in Hong Kong are offered all in simplified Chinese characters . Regardless of the exam version, you can answer in traditional OR simplified Chinese in the writing part.

6. Q: How can I change my personal information that is found to be incorrect after I’ve received the report of test score? A: If you, after receiving the report of test score, find such information as your name, nationality and gender is incorrect, you can log in the HSK test service website,, opt to apply for additional HSK test score reports on the “Personal Centre" page, edit the item(s) that needs to be modified, and upload a copy of your relevant identification (passport or identity card). After the modification has passed the review by the CTI, you need to pay a certain fee before the CTI sends a remade test score report to your designated address.

If you sign up through Mandarin Time, we will get it done for you free of charge.

7. Q: After the completion of registration, can I change the test center/test level? A: If the test fee has not been paid, you can cancel your registration before its deadline and re-apply for a new test centre/test level. If the payment has been completed, you cannot change the test level or centre.

8. Q: What should I bring along with me on the test day? A: You will need to bring the HSK admission ticket along with your valid identification document to the test centre on the day of the exam. For the admission ticket, you can print it out by login the Chinese testing service website at 10 days before the test date. Failure to bring either of these will prevent you from being able to enter the test venue. You will only need 2B pencils and an eraser for the test. You are not allowed to bring dictionaries or other written materials with you.

9. Q: When will the results be available and how can I collect the score report? A: The result of paper-based test will be released on the official HSK website one month after your exam. You can log in to your personal account at

Official score reports will be sent to our Centre by Hanban two months after the exam date. Collection can be made in-person. An announcement will be sent by email. If you choose to collet by delivery service, your score report will be delivered to designated address by S.F. express (for local)or DHL (for overseas)and you can pay for the fee on delivery. For examinees taking this option who sign up through Mandarin Time, make sure to fill in your address in Mandarin Time's registration form online.

10. Q: How useful are HSK certificates?

  • A reference for an educational institution’s decision-making concerning recruiting students, assigning students to different classes, allowing students to skip certain courses and granting students’ academic credits.

  • A reference for employers’ decision-making concerning the recruitment, training and promotion of test takers.

  • A method for Chinese language learners to assess and improve their proficiency in Chinese.

  • A method for Chinese language training institutions to evaluate training results.

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