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财务技能通常与特定行业的职位相关,例如会计师和财务经理。在考察财务在商业中的作用时,这个定义只是触及了表面。财务技能是软技能和硬技能,使利益相关者能够管理和指导财务决策和解决问题。 WHAT ARE FINANCE SKILLS?

Finance skills are often associated with industry-specific positions, such as accountants and finance managers. This definition only scratches the surface when examining finance's role in business. Finance skills are soft and hard skills that enable stakeholders to manage and navigate financial decision-making and problem-solving.

简历中需要财务技能的一些常见职位包括: 会计师 金融分析师 首席财务官 (CFO) 承销商 财务经理 每个角色都需要不同的技能和经验水平。然而,有几项技能对于所有职位都很重要,而且往往是强制性的。

以下概述了雇主想要的财务技能以及您可以采取哪些措施来增强您的简历。 Some common roles that require financial skills on a resume are:


Financial analysts

Chief financial officers (CFOs)


Finance managers

Each role requires varying skills and experience levels. Yet, several skills are important, and often mandatory, across all positions.

Here's an overview of what finance skills employers want and what you can do to enhance your resume.

简历中需要的财务技能 1. 会计技能 雇主要求的第一个,也许也是最重要的财务技能是会计。这并不意味着您需要拥有会计师经验,而是需要熟练阅读和理解财务文件,包括: 资产负债表 收入报表 现金流量表 年度报告

从这些财务文件中提取的数据点可以让财务和商业领导层了解公司的财务状况及其未来的举措。 例如,现金流管理(跟踪公司资产进出业务时的情况)是一个非常重要的指标。领导层和主要利益相关者使用它来预测在任何给定时间将有多少可用资金以及需要多少资金来偿还未偿债务。 由于会计是跟踪公司绩效的基础,因此雇主倾向于为拥有这些技能的人提供有竞争力的薪水。根据 Emsi Burning Glass 的数据,具有会计技能的未来财务专业人士的预期年薪中位数为 80,320 美元或更高。


1. Accounting Skills

The first, and perhaps most important, finance skill employers ask for is accounting. This doesn't mean you need to have previous experience as an accountant, but rather proficiency in reading and understanding financial documents, including:

  • Balance sheets

  • Income statements

  • Cash flow statements

  • Annual reports

The data points extracted from these financial documents inform finance and business leaders about a company's financial health and its future initiatives.

For example, cash flow management—tracking a company's assets as they move in and out of the business—is an incredibly important metric. Leadership and key stakeholders use it to predict how much money will be available at any given time and how much is needed to cover outstanding debts.

Since accounting is fundamental in tracking a company's performance, employers tend to offer a competitive salary to those who possess these skills. According to Emsi Burning Glass data, prospective finance professionals with accounting skills can expect a median salary of $80,320 or more.

2. 分析思维能力 雇主需要制作财务报表的团队成员,而企业领导者则需要分析和利用这些信息的经验。这称为财务报表分析,是审查关键财务文件以更好地了解公司业绩的过程。 这是通过分析各种财务报表和财务比率中的绩效指标来完成的。一些重要的比率包括: 流动比率,衡量公司偿还短期承诺的能力 速动比率,计算公司是否可以用流动资产偿还短期债务 债务股本比率,通过将公司的总负债除以股东权益来评估公司的财务效率 分析思维已迅速成为金融就业市场上的高级商品。一些顶级雇主在广告中招聘需要分析思维的金融职位。根据 Emsi Burning Glass 数据,最需要这项技能的前 10 家公司包括: 国民银行 旅行者保险 花旗集团 嘉信理财 摩根大通公司 胡马纳 圣歌 蓝十字 蓝盾 富国银行 哈特福德酒店 医疗保健服务公司

2. Analytical Thinking Skills

While employers need team members who build financial statements, business leaders need experience analyzing and leveraging this information. This is called financial statement analysis, the process of reviewing key financial documents to better understand a company's performance.

This is done by analyzing performance metrics found on various financial statements and through financial ratios. Some important ratios include:

  • Current ratio, which measures a company's ability to pay off its short-term commitments

  • Quick ratio, which calculates whether a company can pay off its short-term obligations with liquid assets

  • Debt-to-equity ratio, which evaluates a company's financial efficacy by dividing a company's total liabilities by shareholder equity

Analytical thinking has quickly become a high commodity in the finance job market. Some of the top employers advertise finance job postings that require analytical thinking. According to Emsi Burning Glass data, the top 10 companies that require this skill include:

  • PNC Bank

  • Travelers Insurance

  • Citigroup

  • Charles Schwab

  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.

  • Humana

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Wells Fargo

  • The Hartford

  • Health Care Service Corporation

3. 财务决策技巧

决策是有抱负的领导者的一项基本技能。虽然企业领导者经常花时间了解组织的目标、举措和使命,但财务对于公司的成功至关重要。 任何部门的经理都可以从财务知识中受益。例如,估计项目的财务影响是一项共同责任,通常通过计算其投资回报率 (ROI) 来完成。 数据驱动的财务决策为公司领导层创建了一个清晰的参考框架,并为更难以捉摸的财务技能:直觉提供了基础。因此,将其包含在您的简历中是非常有价值的。

3. Financial Decision-Making Skills

Decision-making is an essential skill for aspiring leaders. While business leaders often take time to understand an organization's goals, initiatives, and mission, finance is crucial to positioning a company for success.

Managers in any department can benefit from finance knowledge. For example, estimating a project's financial impact is a common responsibility, often done by calculating its return on investment (ROI).

Data-driven financial decision-making creates a clear framework for company leadership to reference and provides the building blocks to a far more elusive finance skill: intuition. For this reason, it's invaluable to include on your resume.

4. 管理技能 与大多数行业一样,金融行业的雇主总是寻找具有管理技能和经验的申请人。这些技能是管理人员以及公司资本结构和报告流程的各个活动部分所必需的。 这项技能不仅仅适用于中高层管理人员。例如,准备组织的预算需要管理技能。无论是用于绩效跟踪的季度预算还是建议未来举措的预算提案,这份重要文件的准备都需要协作、定期沟通和明确的方向。 根据 Emsi Burning Glass 数据,一些需要管理技能的顶级财务职位包括: 财务经理 个人服务经理 金融和投资分析师 金融风险专家 金融专家 总经理 运营经理 证券销售代理 商品销售代理 金融服务销售代理

4. Management Skills

Like most industries, employers in the finance sector always look for applicants with management skills and experience. These skills are needed for managing people as well as the various moving parts of a company's capital structure and reporting processes.

This skill doesn't apply solely to mid- and high-level managers. For example, preparing an organization's budget requires management skills. Whether a quarterly budget for performance tracking or a budget proposal to recommend future initiatives, the preparation of this essential document calls for collaboration, regular communication, and clear direction.

According to Emsi Burning Glass data, some top finance job titles that require management skills include:

  • Financial managers

  • Personal service managers

  • Financial and investment analysts

  • Financial risk specialists

  • Financial specialists

  • General managers

  • Operations managers

  • Securities sales agents

  • Commodities sales agents

  • Financial services sales agents

5. 财务报告技巧 许多金融专业人士处理历史数据,但展望未来同样重要。 财务预测通过检查历史业绩数据(例如收入、现金流、费用或销售额)来预测公司的财务未来。这是一项非常重要的技能,需要包含在简历中,因为它通常可以帮助企业领导者做出有关招聘、预算和战略规划等领域的重大决策。 现金流量预测是一种特别重要的预测形式。这些预测通过确定公司是否有足够的现金来支付未来的费用来帮助支持公司的稳定性。因此,这些技能通常是“前瞻性思维”的代名词——这是未来财务员工的宝贵特征。

5. Financial Reporting Skills

Many finance professionals deal with historical data, but looking to the future is equally as crucial.

Financial forecasting predicts a company's financial future by examining historical performance data, such as revenue, cash flow, expenses, or sales. This is an incredibly important skill to include on a resume since it often assists business leaders in major decisions around areas like hiring, budgeting, and strategic planning.

Cash flow forecasting is a particularly important form of forecasting. These predictions help support a company's stability by determining whether it will have enough cash to cover future expenses. As a result, these skills are often synonymous with "forward-thinking"—a valuable characteristic of prospective finance employees.

6. 沟通技巧 大多数未来的财务专业人士都了解会计和分析技能的重要性,但许多人低估了有效沟通的作用。 这种技能可以采取会议中强有力的口头交流或财务文件中的书面交流的形式。作为一名有效的沟通者还需要用简单的术语解释金融术语。这是通过金融素养——理解和使用金融术语、报表和概念来实现的。 由于许多利益相关者和客户都在金融行业之外,公司通常会选择能够与其他人沟通复杂行业语言的候选人。 Emsi Burning Glass 显示,过去一年中需要沟通技能的财务职位数量稳步增加。

6. Communication Skills

Most prospective finance professionals understand the importance of accounting and analysis skills, but many minimize the role of effective communication.

This skill can take the form of strong oral communication in meetings or written communication in financial documents. Being an effective communicator also requires explaining financial jargon in simple terms. This is accomplished through financial literacy—the understanding and use of financial terminology, statements, and concepts.

Since many stakeholders and clients are outside the financial sector, companies often select candidates who can communicate complex industry language to others. Emsi Burning Glass shows a steady increase in finance job postings requiring communication skills over the past year.

7. 投资技巧 在当今市场上,大多数雇主都知道从其商品和服务中获得的利润不足以维持长期增长。投资作为资本配置的一种形式,是公司在运营之外赚取更多资金的好方法。 由于投资比向市场发布新产品风险更大,因此雇主聘用具有敏锐投资眼光的个人非常重要。例如,拥有大量另类投资的公司应该雇用了解这些资产并能够评估不同风险的人员。 该行业日益普及和需求的另一个方面是可持续投资。这种以目的为导向的投资趋势要求财务领导者在决定是否应向企业贡献资源时重视并了解环境、社会和公司治理 (ESG) 因素。

7. Investing Skills

In today's market, most employers know profits made from their goods and services aren't enough to sustain long-term growth. Investing as one form of capital allocation is a great way for companies to generate even more money outside of their operations.

Since investing is a riskier endeavor than releasing a new product to market, it's important for employers to hire individuals with a keen eye for investing. For example, a company that has numerous alternative investments should hire people who understand these assets and can assess the varying risks.

Another aspect of this industry that's grown in popularity and demand is sustainable investing. This trend of purpose-driven investing has created a need for financial leaders who value and understand environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors when deciding whether resources should be contributed to a venture.


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