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Level 1 Topic-Time Part 1(Date&Week)

Some tips for describing "dates" in Chinese:

February 2nd in Chinese is èr yuè èr hào二月二号

Tuesday in Chinese is Zhōu'èr 周二

Year2022 we say Èr líng èr èr nián 二零二二年

So all 2s associated with dates is èrNOT liǎng两!

Question: When will you use “liǎng两”?

Answer: When you are measuring the days and weeks, for example:

Liǎng gè yuè


Liǎng gè xīngqi


Liǎng tiān


Mandarin Time Vocabulary card-Weeks

「Some tips for describing weeks in Chinese」

Xīngqí, zhōu, lǐbài

星期,周,礼拜 all means week, you can use any of them in Chinese, some regions use it more than others, for example in Mainland China “ lǐbài礼拜 ” is rarely used, while in Taiwan and Hong Kong,“ lǐbài礼拜” is preferred.

「And the special Sunday」

You can use either日 or tiān天 to describe Sunday, so apart from all the "xx日" in the flashcard above, you can replace them all with “日", it does sound more formal though, so you usually hear " xx tiān天 "more.

And secondly, you may wonder why Chinese use 1,2,3,4,5,6 to describe Monday to Saturday, which is quite chill, but why not Sunday “Xīngqi qī星期七”?

It is cause “日" means sun in Chinese, so it was translated to "Xīngqi rì星期日",as sun implies for the first day of the week, and “日" also means one day in Chinese, which equals to "tiān天" , so Chinese took what they liked and here we go.:)

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