Smart Cat·Graded Chinese Readers For Kids is a set of graded Chinese readers specialized in young Chinese learner (3 to 5 years old), with the entire series divided into 4 levels.

The design is to learn the language as a whole. Under the guidance of teachers, learners take "reading" as a breakthrough point, and then expand their "listening", "speaking", "writing", "playing" and other skills.


This series is edited on the base of YCT, EBCL and the research result of the language acquisition for kids. The books only use the most commonly used words and basic sentences for interesting sotries. Every reader includes 10-12 sentense, and several stories.


" Smart Cat " has the following six features:

Feature 1: original stories, readable.

Feature 2: audio stories, diverse versions.

Feature 3: outline closely, high coverage.

Feature 4:  scientific choreography, high repetition rate.

Feature 5: rich resources both online and offline.

Feature 6: reading guidance, high practicability


轻松猫·中文分级读物 幼儿版”是一套专门为幼儿(3~5岁)中文学习者打造的中文分级读物,整个系列共分为四个级别。这套读物的理念是将语言作为一个整体来学习。在教师的指导下,学习者以“读”作为突破点,向“听”“说”“写”“演”等技能扩展。“轻松猫”具有以下六大特点: 


整套读物主要参考主要参考YCT大纲,欧标EBCL大纲,幼儿词汇习得相关论文研究统计结果, 以及美国、欧洲,中国内地、台湾、香港等建立的多个中文语料库统计结果,并参照美国、英国、德国、新西兰、中国等多个国家共十余份幼儿教育大纲。使用汉语中幼儿最常用的、基础的词汇和句式,进行创作,同时确保故事有趣,有味,富有韵律。每本读物共10-12个句子,包含两个结构相同或相似的相关小故事。

Smart Cat for Kids · Level 1



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