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Family Teacher For 2-6 Yr

Service Feature:

  • This service is to suitable for family who needs an immersive Chinese speaking environment for young kids;

  • Each session is 2 hours, each month's minimum booking is 8 sessions, play-based learning;

  • One-way travelling time compensation fee to your home will be added on the quotation;

  • Monthly payment, parents can also extend each session to longer hours, less sessions, less travelling fee.

  • Family teachers are native Mandarin speakers holding bachelor or higher degrees, experienced with kids;

  • This service is provided to family with kids aged between 2-6 years old only;

  • 100hkd/session/child will be added if it's a Private 1 on more session;

  • 2 kids can share a 2 hour session free of charge, each child 1 hour for example.

Plan 1: 7,200hkd/month

Each session is 2 hours

8 sessions per month

Family teacher.jpeg

Plan 2: 10,200hkd/month

Each session is 2 hours

12 sessions per month

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