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Mandarin Time Level Description

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Why MT is the most chosen Mandarin school in HK

Self-Paced Course

Mandarin Time has engaged 6 full-time staff, spent 2.5 years' time to have self developed our Self-paced course using Mandarin Time 3-IN-1 Curriculum where you can easily log in to study Mandarin anytime anywhere, it not only helps students save 1/2 of their tuition and time, but also largely improved students' learning results.

Video Lessons

Mandarin Time Offers 6 Mandarin Levels, total 20 Courses with video lessons for each chapter, total over 600 video lessons have been professionally made by our experienced teachers to help students preview with key words and grammar points of each chapter so they can

do the memorization part at their own pace.

3-IN-1 Curriculum

You will learn HSK, Practical Conversational Chinese, Business Chinese all in 1 course.

Each level we teach 2 courses, conversational course and Hanzi course, both has corresponding self-paced courses, and students need teacher-led classes for the conversational classes only.

Private adult pricing

AI-empowered Practices

Each AI exercise has 4 parts, they are Part 1-Introduction(where you can see and listen to all the key words and sentences of that dialogue/text and its translation), Part 2- Listening, Part 3 -Words, Part 4-Speaking, where you listen to a teacher and AI will help correct your speaking.

100% qualified teachers

Our teachers are 100% degree holders in Teaching Chinese As Foreign Language or related majors and they must pass Mandarin Time's stringent trainings and testings before a class could be assigned to them, so Mandarin Time teachers are equally trained&qualified.


Venue: It can be at your office, home or our campus in Central, or online when you travel;

Scheduling: You can always cancel or reschedule a class by giving us one day in advance notice;

You can decide the class days and time, we work with your schedule.


500 hkd per lesson


450 hkd per lesson


400 hkd per lesson


Mandarin Time has served 200+corporate clients and 2000+ private class students in Hong Kong.
All major consulates in HK have chosen Mandarin Time School as their Mandarin training partner school.

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Book A Trial Class

We offer 20mins' free trial at school, or a paid trial at 400hkd/lesson.

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