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Beginner Level

Mandarin Time Level 1 (Beginner) Course Feature:

  • Suitable for students who have no prior knowledge of Mandarin

  • Every 30 private lessons or 32 group lessons you can complete the conversational course with self-paced course(SPC)'s help

  • Mandarin Time students enjoy free systematic Hanzi (Chinese characters) course which students can learn 100% on their own, it's optional and a bonus for MT students only

What you will learn from this level:

1) HSK:  You will learn 213 new words & 44 grammar points required for HSK 1 exam;

2) Conversational Chinese: 15 carefully selected topics, 45 daily-life dialogues, you can communicate in simple ways when people talk slowly to you at the completion of this course;

3) Business Chinese: 36 Business Chinese phrases&expressions are taught in this course;

4) You will learn 229 Chinese Characters(Hanzi) in Level 1, it's optional, students can learn Conversational Course only following a class or self-study Hanzi on top following Mandarin Time SPC.

To view the Hanzi course structure and the full curriculum, please click here to the curriculum

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