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Cantonese 广东话

Survival Cantonese Course Feature:


  • ​Mandarin Time has a team of native Cantonese speakers who 100% hold University degree in related majors.

  • We provide easy to follow curriculum, 2 text books edited by Professor from the University of Hong Kong.

  • We only teach practical Cantonese class for English speakers, each book has 8 Chapters of daily conversational topics, each book takes averagely 50-60 private lessons.

  • Premium study environment, free flow of coffee and tea, excellent service!



  • ​教研团队由母语为广东话普通话双语专业教师组成,专为母语为普通话人士设计;

  • 提供一对一课程和业余班课;

  • 教学内容包括粤语发音教学与练习,广东话中常用词语与语法对比解析,实用课文,真实场景模拟对话等,在生动有趣的课堂环境下,高效学习粤语。

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