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Business Chinese

Course Feature

  • We have been providing professional and up-to-date Business Chinese training programs for 100+ corporate clients in HK, overseas, and online

  • Students of beginner/elementary level can follow Mandarin Time 3-IN-1 curriculum (where Business Chinese is taught in all levels) to reach intermediate level in Mandarin and then choose the direction of HSK5&6 Course or Business Chinese Course

  • Our Business Chinese curriculum are suitable for students who are at HSK level 4 or higher, we offer 3 levels for Advanced Business Chinese Course, they are: Upper Intermediate level, Advanced level, and Native level, each focus on different area of Business Chinese

  • Upper intermediate level focus on office, travel, meetings, negotiation, presentation skills related practical business Chinese topics that most suitable for students who work with Chinese speakers or who travel to Chinese speaking regions frequently

  • Advanced level students can choose from 3 folders of learning materials, they are: 

           1) Weekly news folder: Our team select China related news (in the areas such as Goverment policies, Economy update, Market analysis)weekly and edit them into learning materials on a weekly basis, and our database has over 100 of them;  

           2) Video Folder: For students whoes goal is to train their ears to native level, videos are selected usually in the format of news and speech; 

           3) Speaking Practices Folder: Carefully selected topics that's collected from our 500+Business Chinese students who are fluent at conversational Chinese but need to further improve their Chinese for professional occassions, the focus of this folder is to help students learn advanced Business Chinese phrases and expressions, to improve their speech and presentation skills;


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