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Friday Activity Day
July 5-Aug 7 (9:30-16:30 Fridays)

It's not included in any summer camp schedule, it's an optional and paid activity day for students who want to join more indoor and outdoor activities immersed in Mandarin speaking environment with a group of students and teachers on Fridays.

Contact Us For Booking

  • 3 students 1 teacher ratio in all outdoor activities, safety first safety always is our ultimate guideline for all activities;

  • Students are required and encouraged to communicate 100% in Mandarin during our camp time, games are designed throughout the activity day;

  • Sign up before June 1, 2024 to enjoy Early bird offer, the only activity needs extra entrance ticket fee is July 5th-Ocean park as the fare varies according to student's age;

  • Pick up time may be postponed to 5pm the latest on some days, we will give parents message in advance if we predict it happens;

  • One day before the activity day, we will remind parents what to get prepared by email/whatsapp again;

  • Minimum 2 activity days in one booking.

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