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Level 1 Topic-Names For Drinks

「Practice Time」-Let's order drinks in Chinese!

Nǐ xiǎng hē shénme?

A: 你想喝什么?

What would you like to drink?


B: 咖啡。


Shénme kāfēi? Hēi kāfēi háishì ná tiě? Rè de háishì bīng de?

A: 什么咖啡?黑咖啡还是拿铁?热的还是冰的?

What coffe? Black coffee or latte? Hot or cold?

Rè de, hēi kāfēi, xièxiè!

B: 热的,黑咖啡,谢谢!

Hot, black coffee, thanks!

「Culture takeaway」

Why Chinese love to drink hot water?

Well, first of all, most of Chinese we grow up drinking warm or hot water, forced by parents, cause they or their parents believe that balance is key, and hot or warm water is considered essential to balance cold and humidity; in addition, it is believed to promote blood circulation and toxin release.

Especially when we are sick, after giving birth, in winter, drinking warm or hot water is the norm, if we were given a cold orange juice right after giving birth at a hospital, it will be considered "inhuman"....haha~~

But nowadays more and more young people do opt for cold drinks over warm or hot ones, but it's always safer to offer them warm drinks, like warm water, a hot tea as one of the options if you have a Chinese guest visiting!

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