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Level 2 Topic-Festivals

「Vocabulary Review」

Zhōngguó yǒu nǎ xiē chuántǒng jiérì ne?


What are the traditional festivals in China?

chūn jié -- chī jiǎo zi


Chinese New Year - Eating Dumplings

yuán xiāo jié -- chī tāng yuán


Lantern Festival - Eating glutinous rice Dumplings

qīng míng jié -- chī qīng tuán


Qingming Festival - Eating Sweet Green Rice Balls

duān wǔ jié -- chī zòng zi


Dragon Boat Festival-Eating Zongzi

zhōng qiū jié -- chī yuè bǐng


Mid-Autumn Festival - Eating Mooncakes

Xīfāng yǒu nǎxiē chuántǒng jiérì ne ?


What are the traditional Western holidays?

píng ān yè

平安夜 -- Christmas Eve

shèng dàn jié

圣诞节 -- Christmas

wàn shèng jié

万圣节 -- Halloween

fù huó jié

复活节 -- Easter

gǎn ēn jié

感恩节 -- Thanksgiving Day

Nǐ zhīdào zài xīfāng guó iā de chuántǒng jiérì lǐ,rénmen huì chī shénme shíwù ne ?


Do you know what kind of food people usually eat during traditional holidays in Western countries?

「Culture Takeaway」

February 14 is the traditional Western Valentine's Day. In that day, people always send roses, chocolates or gifts to their lovers. However, do you know that China also has its own Valentine's Day?

Qixi Festival (七夕节), also known as Daughter's Festival (女儿节), and Qiqiao Festival (乞巧节), is a traditional Chinese festival celebrating the annual meeting of Zhinü and Niulang in Chinese mythology after Han Dynasty. The festival is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunisolar month on the Chinese lunisolar calendar.

Do you know the love story of Zhinü (织女)and Niulang (牛郎)?

Once upon a time, there's a man called Niulang, who was often abused by his sister-in-law. They eventually kicked him out of the house, and gave him nothing but an old cow. One day, the old cow suddenly spoke out, telling Niulang that there would be fairies bathing in the spring nearby that night. The fairy would stay there if she failed to go back to heaven before morning. In accordance with what the old cow said, Niulang saw those beautiful fairies in the spring, and fell in love with one of the beautiful fairies who was the heavenly weaver. In order to make her stay, he took her clothes, which made her an ordinary earth woman without any power. Then they got married and had two children.

The Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大帝) found out about this and was furious, so he sent minions to escort the heavenly weaver back to heaven. Niulang was heartbroken. The old cow suddenly spoke out again, telling Niulang he could take his skin to make it into a flying coat to chase after them and Niulang did. However, the Queen Mother of the West drew a Silver River (The Milky Way) in the sky and blocked his way. Meanwhile, the love between Niulang and the weaver moved the magpie, and so they built a bridge of magpies over the Silver River for them to meet. The Emperor of Heaven was also moved by the sight, and allowed this couple to meet on the Magpie Bridgeonce a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

Through the mythology, Qixi was given the beautiful legend of the Niulang and Zhinü, making it a festival symbolizing love and thus considered the most romantic traditional festival in China.


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